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Pescados Hermanos Lijó


Since its beginnings, Pescados Hermanos Lijó has been distinguished by the personal attention  and quality service  to our clients, being the only company which offers a complete service

Clasifiación, envasado, embalaje y paletizado

Frozen commodities classification, palletising

Pescados Hermanos Lijó will take charge of all the operations you need: Frozen commodities classifications, palletising, etc...We serve and adapt as far as we can, to all possible demands that we ask the customer

Elaboración de productos del mar

 Seafood Value-added products

Marketing and distribution worldwide



Capacity of 3000 tm³, with a brine and a tunnel freezer, fish classifying and filleting machine. We also offer cold and freezing services

Línea de Fileteado

Filleting Line

The filleting line is a hight-precision combination automatic feeding, heading and filleting machine which produces high-yield butterfly or single fillets. This versatile line may also be configured with skinner and piece cutter to produce skin-on fillets and/or tit bits.



Pescados Hermanos Lijó works in The Atlantic Ocean and Cantabrian Sea, which ensures the supplies of our clients

Servicios de Logística y Transporte

Logistics and Transport service

A fleet of lorries that guarantee an immediate delivery to our clients

Pescados Hermanos Lijo
Pescados Hermanos Lijo
Pescados Hermanos Lijo
Pescados Hermanos Lijo
Pescados Hermanos Lijo